4 Reasons Carpets Are a Great Choice for Your Basement

When you're renovating your basement, one of the most vital decisions you'll need to make is what type of flooring to use. There are plenty of options from which to choose, but most people find that carpeting is the way to go.

Here are just four advantages that come with using carpets in the basement.

1. Perfect During Water Penetration

Basements are more likely to suffer from moisture problems than other rooms in your home, which probably makes you think carpet isn't an ideal option. After all, it quickly gets wet and absorbs moisture. In fact, carpeting is one of the best flooring options to have if there's even a leak or other moisture problem in your basement because it can simply be rolled up and taken out to be dried. Most flooring options have to stay put, which can lead to additional damage and possibly the need to replace the flooring.

2. Perfect Insulation

Basements often get quite cold since they can't be warmed up by the sun like other rooms. Adding carpeting can help, since it is a very good insulator. Heat won't be able to get out of your basement as easily, and you'll always have a relatively warm surface to walk on when you come down. Just think about how much nicer it is to step onto carpeting instead of wood or tile on a cold winter morning. That isn't just great for your own comfort – having a well-insulated basement also means saving on your home heating costs.

3. Cover Uneven Areas

It's not at all unusual for basement floors to be slightly uneven or have several nicks taken out of them. Unfortunately, this can mean that many flooring options just aren't an option, but uneven floors are no problem for carpeting since it can roll over anything. Better yet, installing cushioning, such as padding or an underlay, can hide any level differences and dramatically improve the appearance of your basement.

4. Inexpensive and Easy to Install

Whether you're decorating a recently converted basement or simply sharpening up your old one, you'll probably want to keep costs down. Carpeting isn't the cheapest flooring option available, but it's still very inexpensive. You'll also be able to save on labour costs since carpeting is relatively quick and easy to install. In fact, you can probably do it yourself if you already have the section of carpeting cut to scale.