Cozy Bedrooms | 4 Prodigious Ideas To Transform Your Bedroom into a Rustic Haven

Rustic interiors are almost tantamount to cosiness and comfort — essential factors that you look for in a bedroom. That's why bedrooms with rustic finishes have always been in vogue and always will be. Laid-back rustic bedrooms are warm and inviting, but creating the feel isn't as easy as you think. Luckily, with some careful planning and thoughtful consideration, you'll have a brilliant rustic bedroom in no time. Follow these prodigious ideas to transform your bedroom into a rustic haven.

Make a Wooden Statement

To create a truly rustic feel, natural timber should be at the heart of every element of your bedroom. Your bed frames and nightstands should be made of wood, while wooden logs should be converted into ceiling beams. Timber floors deliver a soft feel underfoot and are the perfect addition to rustic-styled bedrooms. Natural wood should never be painted, since paint eliminates the organic beauty of raw wood. Panelled timber walls are great for incorporating wood into the design of your bedroom. By adding timber floors, walls and other decorative fixtures, you can easily craft rustic character for your bedroom.

If your home doesn't already have wood floors, contact a business like Canning Floorcovering Centre to get timber floors installed. This one change could go a long way in helping create that rustic feel.

Add Textiles with Earthy Tones

You can soften the ambiance of the bedroom by incorporating different fabrics with earthen tones. Earthen tones like tans, browns, greens and greys bring the beauty of nature indoors by emulating natural elements to create a soothing feel for the bedroom. There are different ways to incorporate textiles into the bedroom. For example, earthy-toned rugs and carpets add tremendous personality to a rustic bedroom, while throw blankets and beddings create a warm and inviting feel for sleeping. You may also want to consider earthen-coloured linen and woven textiles for curtains, as they blend in perfectly with timber floors and walls.

Build an Inviting Fireplace

Imagine the idea of soothing your nerves with hot chocolate after a long day at work in front of an inviting fireplace. It's enough to make your toes curl in delight. A fireplace resonates perfectly with the décor of a rustic bedroom and can be the focal point around which different bedroom elements are incorporated. For a rustic bedroom, consider a traditional fireplace covered with wood or natural stone.

Integrate Chunky Furniture Pieces

Sleek and delicate furniture items would look out of place in a rustic-inspired bedroom, so you'll want to ensure you have large and weighty furniture pieces that reflect the idyllic rustic feel. Consider large dressers and king-size beds with robust wooden frames. Similarly, bedroom chairs should be sizeable and comfortable. The furniture colour palette should have neutral and earthy tones. Keep in mind that bright colours won't suit rustic décor.

While your décor can vary based on your style, remember that timber floors and walls are paramount for a fabulous rustic bedroom.