What Are Some Reasons to Choose Cork Flooring?

If you are planning on having new flooring installed in your home, there are many different types to choose from. One of them is cork, which comes from a cork oak tree. It may seem odd to use this material, but there are actually many benefits to using cork flooring. Here are just a few of them. 

There is a High Comfort Level

One of the best reasons to choose cork flooring is that it is extremely soft underneath your feet. It gives you a warm and sleek look as if you were using wood flooring, but you get a soft comfort level closer to having carpet. The material is extremely soft, where you aren't in pain after standing or sitting on the floor for a long time. It is great to use in the kitchen or bathroom where you might be standing for a while cooking or doing your hair.

It is Very Durable

While the softness of cork floors does make it vulnerable to small scratches or dents, these can easily be filled in with routine maintenance. Overall, it is a highly durable and strong type of flooring that si very easy to fix when little things go wrong. It works great in areas of your home that get a lot of traffic. Aside from the kitchen, which is a very busy room of the home, consider using it in hallways and family rooms where you tend to get a lot of activity. The little scratches won't bother you quite so much with this flooring than if you had hardwood.

Cork Absorbs Sound

If you have a need for covering up some of the sounds in your home, consider using cork flooring. For example, if your kids tend to make a lot of noise while they are in their playroom and your spouse works from home, they might find it difficult to study with all the noise. It can be very helpful to have cork flooring installed in the kids' playroom. They get the benefit of soft flooring underneath their little feet, while your spouse is able to work better since there isn't as much noise coming from the room.

Your Feet Will be Warmer

Another thing the cork can do is absorb heat inside its material. This allows you to have toasty feet, even when walking barefoot in the winter. This is one of the bigger problems with wood and tile flooring, as it is nearly always cold. You don't need to remember your slippers or socks when you have cork flooring.

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