Fed Up Of Cleaning? 3 Clever Strategies To Lower Your Ceramic Tile Bathroom Maintenance

If you're fed up of constantly cleaning your home, then you'll want easy-to-clean choices when you need to introduce new floor tiles to different parts of your home. Ceramic tiles are a naturally low-maintenance option for your bathroom in comparison to other flooring solutions, but you can also undertake some clever strategies to further reduce your ceramic tile bathroom maintenance needs.

Make Sure The Ceramic Tiles Are Large Format

Bathroom ceramic tiles are subject to heat and steam from showers, so they are bound to get grimier than those in other areas of your home, which means that maintenance is inevitable. To reduce your maintenance burden, choose large format ceramic tiles instead of small format ones. This ensures minimal grout lines, which is generally the area where dirt and grime gets embedded. Most flooring showrooms stock varieties of large format ceramic tiles because they are becoming more popular with people looking for low maintenance solutions, so you should have no trouble finding them for your bathroom.

Choose Darker Colours To Camouflage Stains And Dirt

Some colours tend to show stains more easily than others, while certain colours are more adept at concealing unsightly stains for a longer period of time. If you're looking for a low-maintenance flooring solution, then the latter option is just what you need. Typically, darker colours tend to conceal stains more easily, which means that you can take your time with cleaning––although you cannot ignore maintenance completely for your own personal hygiene. Lighter coloured ceramic tiles display dirt marks and soap stains more prominently, so you'll have to clean them more often if you choose them for your bathroom space.

Choose Similar Grout And Tile Colours

Dirty grout is the biggest culprit when it comes to making your overall flooring space look soiled and filthy, so your best option is to choose grout colours that resonate with your existing tile colours. For instance, if you have stone grey tiles, then choose stone grey grout instead of plain white grout to keep the bathroom looking cleaning and spotless for longer. Alternatively, black coloured grout helps to hide all types of stains more easily. The idea here is to stay away from white grout which shows dirt. Grout is available in a range of different colours at any home improvement store, so you should have no trouble finding something for your tile colours.

Follow these clever strategies to lower your maintenance when you have ceramic tiles in your bathroom.