Why Engineered Oak Flooring Is a Laudable Investment for Your Home

When it comes to flooring, timber remains a much sought-after choice for homeowners that want to achieve a classic yet seemingly effortless elegance in their home. While choosing the species of timber is important, you also need to establish what type of wood flooring to install in your home. The common option is solid timber floors, which refer to dried timber that is installed directly onto the floor.

Solid timber flooring is the sanded and finished to protect it from premature wear. Engineered flooring, on the other hand, comprises several layers of timber. The top and bottom layer are made up from your choice of species whereas the middle layers comprise plywood. Before you select solid timber floors, read on for the reasons why engineered oak flooring is a laudable investment for your home.

Engineered oak flooring is immune to environmental changes

One of the biggest concerns that homeowners should have when they choose timber flooring for their home is the expansion and contraction that this material succumbs to. The expansion and contraction occur when there are changes in the ambient temperature. Moreover, this phenomenon can also occur when the hardwood flooring is exposed to humidity. Engineered oak flooring is immune to these changes because of the exceptional way that this type of flooring is constructed.

The middle layers of the engineered oak flooring have a crisscrossing arrangement, which minimises the expansion and contraction of the plywood. Secondly, the bottom and top layers that are made up of oak are prefinished to protect the timber from moisture and temperature. Hence, not only can you be guaranteed that your engineered oak flooring will have a long lifespan but you also have the flexibility to install it in spaces where solid timber floors will not thrive, such as the basement.

Engineered oak flooring is incredibly sturdy

Another reason why engineered oak flooring will make a worthy inclusion to your residence is its unparalleled sturdiness. Although solid timber floors are durable if taken good care of, they will eventually succumb to high traffic, not to mention that scuff marks will be a regular issue to contend with if you let people into your home with their shoes on. Engineered oak flooring does not pose the same problem.

For starters, since the surface of the engineered oak flooring is prefinished during the manufacturing stage, it is much more resilient to scuff marks and other forms of cosmetic damage than its solid timber flooring counterpart is. Secondly, the inner core of the engineered oak flooring that comprises plywood provides this flooring with unparalleled resistance to pressure. Thus, you can install engineered oak flooring in areas that endure heavy footfall without having to be concerned about premature wear.