Is Your Carpet Showing These 3 Signs?

Many Australian homeowners prefer carpets due to the comfort, warmth and beauty they offer. Also, if you invest in quality carpets and take care of them, they will offer you many years of service. Even so, a time will come when you will need to replace your carpets. Unfortunately, many homeowners don't know when their carpets are due for replacement. Below are three indications that new carpet installation is necessary:  

1. When the Carpet Has Mould or Water Damage

When your carpet is water damaged, then you have no option but to replace it. First off, such carpets will have visible water stains that are hard to clean and annoying to see. Secondly, these rugs have a high chance of developing mould, which is dangerous to human health. Some symptoms you can get from mould exposure include sneezing, coughing and red eyes. Therefore, you should always inspect your carpet to avoid any mould issues. 

2. When the Carpet Is Visibly Damaged

Carpet bears heavy foot traffic. At the same time, your heavy furniture rests on it. For this reason, the carpet flooring will begin showing signs of wear and tear after using it for a while. You can know your carpet is worn out in various ways. For instance, some threads may start becoming loose, leading to holes in the carpets. So, if your carpet is damaged beyond repair, it may be time to call the carpet installation professionals to fit a new one. 

3. When Your Carpet Has a Foul Smell

If you are not keen on cleaning your carpet or your pet keeps making a mess on it, then it will begin smelling. The worst part is that carpets can absorb and retain smells for a long period. Unfortunately, even airing out your space will not be enough to make these smells go away. Other common causes of carpet odour are mould, improper cleaning techniques and equipment and cigarette smoke. If you have unsuccessfully tried getting rid of these smells, you might need to get new carpeting installed. 

Your carpets can serve you for a long time when you take care of them well. However, this flooring does not last forever. So, if your carpets show any of the signs above, then the best option is to replace them. Ensure you call expert services to help you install the most suitable rug for your home. They can provide more information regarding carpet installation.