How to keep your limestone floor in top condition

Limestone is a popular choice for flooring because of its natural stone appearance, but it will need proper maintenance if you are to keep it at its best. Fortunately, it is very easy to keep it in good condition.

Seal the limestone

Firstly, your limestone floor will need to be sealed to give it a protective layer. Limestone is a very porous material that will soak up any spillage and can become stained. It will also attract small pieces of dirt and debris, which can become stuck in the small holes in the stone, and can then scratch and chip at the surface. Sealing the limestone will give excellent protection from this kind of damage. Just check if spilled water beads up on the surface or gets absorbed — if it's absorbed, it's time to seal the floor. You should use a sealant that is made specifically for limestone.

Vacuum daily

A quick vacuum (or sweep with a broom) will prevent small particles from accumulating on the floor. These can very easily damage the floor, and can also wear away the protective layer of sealant. This is particularly important if you live near the beach, as sand can easily damage a limestone floor. Placing mats in the doorways is a great way of preventing this dirt and debris from being trodden onto the floor in the first place.

Mop regularly

To keep your floor in the best condition you should use a cleaner specially formulated for limestone — acid cleaners can damage the surface. Dilute it in warm water according to the manufacturer's instructions, and use a mop to clean the floor. Avoid scourers or anything rough to avoid damaging the stone. Wring the mop frequently to stop excess water from soaking the floor. Rinse the limestone afterward with a little water, and try to leave it as dry as possible afterward.

Steam occasionally

If your floor attracts stains despite regular mopping, you can occasionally hire a steam cleaner to give it a deep clean. This will wash it thoroughly and will dislodge and remove any pieces of dirt that have got stuck in the cracks in the floor. Try not to do this too often and dry the floor as much as possible afterward.

Regular sealing and cleaning of your limestone floor will ensure that it continues to enhance your home and stays in good condition for many years.

For more information on limestone floors, contact a company near you.