How to keep your spotted gum flooring in top condition

Spotted gum is a hardwood that can be used for timber floors and will last a lifetime. It makes a very attractive outdoor floor for decks and will need only a little maintenance. Here are some things you can do to keep your spotted gum floor in top condition.

Sweep or vacuum

Firstly, make sure you either sweep or vacuum your spotted gum floor on a regular basis, preferably every day. Grit or dirt will quickly settle on the flooring, particularly if it is outside. This will then be trodden into the floor or scraped along it underfoot, which will damage the finish of the timber. A quick sweep is all that is needed to prevent this.

Use a damp mop

Even if you sweep it every day, your floor will need mopping every now and again to remove some of the more stubborn dirt. Use a microfibre mop that will not harm the surface. It should only be slightly damp — don't use one that is dripping wet, as it will make the timber too damp. Mop along the grain of the wood to prevent scratches from any debris. Don't use any kind of abrasive scrubber on the floor as this could cause damage. You should also avoid any kind of steam cleaning or mopping, as this will put too much moisture into the timber and could cause it to warp.

Don't use harsh chemicals

You should use a neutral cleaner with your mop — a mild solution of floor cleaner is fine, especially one that has been specially formulated for use with spotted gum, although this is not necessary. Harsher chemicals such as bleach could damage the finish and should not be used.

Mop up spillages

Timber floors seem to attract spillages, particularly decks that are used for entertaining. You should mop them up immediately before they have a chance to stain the wood. Spotted gum is resistant to stains, but the only safe thing to do is to remove the cause as soon as possible. This will save you more cleaning work later on.

Oil the floor

Finally, spotted gum will benefit from being oiled and sealed every couple of years. You will need to seal it when it is first installed to protect it from the elements and from everyday use, but this will need to be renewed every now and again in order to keep it resistant to water.

Spotted gum is an extremely durable material. Keep it in good condition and it should never need replacing. Contact a local contractor to learn more about spotted gum flooring.