Carpets: Various Repairs You May Need To Engage In

When it comes to floor coverings, carpeting is one of the most popular solutions for households. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, carpets give you a wide assortment of colours, designs and textures to choose from when it comes to interior decorating. Secondly, carpets add a sense of warmth by having plush flooring underfoot, which will make your home cosier. Nevertheless, carpets are bound to acquire their fair share of damage over the years due to heavy usage, especially if they are installed in areas that experience high traffic. Read More 

Clean Timber

If you're lucky enough to have Blackbutt timber flooring then you'll understand the need to look after and maintain it. Fortunately it's a hardwearing material and can withstand a variety of treatments to help protect it, from staining to painting. Timber floors can be expensive, but make for one of the main focal points of any room, especially when paired with a gorgeous Persian rug. For new timber floor owners this little guide will give you some simple tips for cleaning and maintaining your floor, without the need for damaging, harsh chemicals. Read More 

Expert Tips for Maintaining Engineered Timber Flooring

Engineered timber flooring is consistently making inroads in the market as more and more people select them for their flooring. The reason is pretty simple; they combine the style of real timber with ingenious construction to deliver the best results. It consists of two or more layers with the bottom layers being made of wood or even high-density fibre. Real wood, preferably hardwood, is used on the top layer. This configuration allows the flooring to withstand fluctuations of temperature and humidity that often affect solid timber flooring. Read More 

Fed Up Of Cleaning? 3 Clever Strategies To Lower Your Ceramic Tile Bathroom Maintenance

If you're fed up of constantly cleaning your home, then you'll want easy-to-clean choices when you need to introduce new floor tiles to different parts of your home. Ceramic tiles are a naturally low-maintenance option for your bathroom in comparison to other flooring solutions, but you can also undertake some clever strategies to further reduce your ceramic tile bathroom maintenance needs. Make Sure The Ceramic Tiles Are Large Format Read More 

Answering Some Questions About Timber Decking

A timber deck is a great addition to any home; it gives you a space to enjoy the outside without worrying about a muddy patio area when it rains or having to pour concrete to create a back porch. Many homeowners can even fabricate their own timber deck with a few power tools and a bit of knowhow. If you're thinking of making your own timber deck or want to have one installed, note a few questions you might have about the material overall and about how to keep the deck looking its best. Read More